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How to Make QR Code for WiFi? - shubhamverma - 07-10-2017

[Image: qrRMqYO.png]

If your friend wants to get on your Wi-Fi Network, you don't have to share your Personal password. Here's how to generate a QR-code containing your network password and have them log on in one snap. 

There Are Simple Steps Create a Qr-code For you wifi network;

1. Fist of all visit the website

2. after visit this click on other types

       [Image: KEXT9uG.png]

3. in other tab click on wireless network

4. in name network enter your wifi name, in password section type your wifi password and in network type select your wifi network for e.g WPA/WPA2

     [Image: 2wFK0gg.png]

5. after fill all fields click on confirm botton

6. Now Click On Download the QR Code  botton

now you Qr-code images are downloaded you can simply scan this code from your mobile , your mobile autometicaly connected your wifi. if you have any phase a problem please ask me in comment. your are watching full video on this topic in botton see full video and don't forgot to subscribe our Channel Provide 4 You (Hindi)

Video-> How to Make QR Code for WiFi? हिंदी/HINDI  
[Image: 32TUwtQ.gif]

RE: How to Make QR Code for WiFi? - putlockermix - 04-16-2018

very helpfull for me