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Full Version: Dell Inspiron 3000 (3542) window 10 issue (not shutting down)
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guys , i am using inspiron 3000 model 3542 .. i just upgraded to window 10 as i saw dell message say that it already been tested but i had problem with shutting down ..
*if i use 1 hour or less it can be shut down but
*after i use 3 or more hour , when i shut down the screen goes black but the cpu fan still running .
i was shock tomorrow morning i wait up, i saw my battery low and red light on the indicator...
*plz help i also just updated my bios to a08 ( i not sure wether is bios problem or window 10 problem or driver)

i even try full shut down but using cmd shorcut  shutdown /p , not help
currently testing turning off hybrid shut down will update the result soon .
one time my friend phase same issue.Resolved by preventing Intel® Managment Engine interafce access to turn off the device. You can disable this access in device manager

There are Simple Steps;

1. Write Click on window icon and open Device Manager
       [Image: ePaqX0R.png]

2. After open click on System Devices

3. Now Scroll Down and write click on Intel® Managment Engine interafce Open Properties   

        [Image: DIKUySr.png]

4. Go the Power Managemen and uncheck the option : Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power

       [Image: IgwAut4.png]

I hope your problem has been solved;


thanks my problem has beeen solved
thanks for the sulution