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Amazon One Plus All Levels Contest – Answer & win One Plus 5T
Amazon One Plus All Levels Contest – Answer & win One Plus 5T

Level 1: A New View
Q1- Which of these is a new feature in the OnePlus 5T?
Ans: AMOLED 18:9
Q2- OnePlus 5T offers a larger viewing experience compared to OnePlus 5, at a similar form factor. What is the display screen size of the OnePlus 5T?
Ans: 6.01 inch
Q3- A pixel is the base element in measuring display resolution. The term ‘Pixel’ is short form for which of these?
Ans: Picture element

Leve 2: Photography
Q1- What are the primary dual camera specifications on the OnePlus 5T?
Ans: 16MP + 20MP
Q2- Which of these is NOT a setting that can be fine tuned on OnePlus 5T’s manual mode?
Ans: Lever
Q3- Which of these is NOT associated with a format pictures are saved in digitally?
Ans: Sunshine

Level 3: Performance
Q1- OnePlus 5T is powered by which processor?
Ans: Snapdragon 835
Q2- What are the RAM variants that the OnePlus 5T is available in?
Ans: 6GB/8GB
Q3- What does ROM stand for with regards to the internal memory of a smartphone?
Ans: Read only memory

Level 4: Power
Q1- With Dash charge, how long does it take to get a day’s power on the OnePlus 5T?
Ans: Half an hour
Q2- What is the battery capacity of the OnePlus 5T?
Ans- 3300 mAh
Q3- Which of these is NOT a type of battery?
Ans: Pima Colada

Level 5: Access
Q1- Amazon Prime members will enjoy early access to the sale of OnePlus 5T. When does this sale begin?
Ans: 21st November 2017
Q2- Which of these phrases is associated with OnePlus?
Ans: Never Settle
Q3- Which of these OnePlus phones was not launched on
Ans: OnePlus 11
thanks dear

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