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  How to Install Homestead 5.2 and Laravel on Windows 10
Posted by: shubhamverma - 05-12-2017, 11:59 PM - Forum: Other Tricks - No Replies

[Image: tEefhM8.jpg]

Last night, I got to ‘refresh’ my Windows 10 PC due to some graphic glitch which prohibit me from resuming my Windows.
And now, I have to reinstall and reconfigure my Laravel working environment on this PC and I think I could spend some time to make a quick note in this blog so you guys can replicate my steps if you wish to do so ?

1. Download

First, you have to download

  1. Latest Virtualbox for Windows host
  2. Latest Vagrant for Windows
  3. Composer for Windows
  4. Git for Windows
  5. Any advance text editor like Brackets, SublimeText 3 or even Notepad++
  6. PHP (no need if you already have XAMPP or WAMPP in your Windows)
We need VirtualBox to run virtual server (the vagrant-homestead)
We need Vagrant, to bridge our development environment (Windows 10) and virtual server (Linux Ubuntu in VirtualBox)
We need composer to download and install Homestead into Vagrant
We need Git for its Git Bash
We need advanced text editor to edit homestead.yaml file (to configure our homestead machine and provisioning)
We need php because Composer requires it. If you have XAMPP or WAMP in  your Windows, you don’t need to download PHP.
We need MobaXTerm because Git Bash suck when we SSHing our virtual server. And I don’t like Putty because its output is not color coded (feel free to use your Putty or any favorite CLI for SSHing of yours)

2. Install

Once everything is downloaded, please install them with respect to this sequence.

SublimeText 3

Install any advanced text editor (if you don’t have any). I recommend SublimeText 3 or Brackets. (Try to install package manager + material theme. You may love it)

Oracle VirtualBox

Install VirtualBox (restart if needed).

Install Vagrant (restart if needed). Vagrant need VirtualBox, so don’t install Vagrant before you install VirtualBox.

Install Git as usual. But pay attention on 2 screens and choose the option as below:

Use Git from the Windows Command Prompt

Checkout as-is, commit Unix-Style line endings


Note: You may skip this step if you have XAMPP or WAMPP install.

Extract PHP to your C: drive, so your PHP installation folder located at C:/php
Open C:/php
Duplicate (copy paste) php.ini-development
Rename php – Copy.ini-development to be php.ini
Open php.ini using text editor

extension_dir = "ext"

Install Composer

Install composer as usual. When it asks the location of php.exe file,
Browse to php.exe location (like C:\php\php.exe or C:\Xampp\php\php.exe)
If composer does complains missing MSVCR110.DLL, download Visual C++ Redistributable and install both (32bit and 64bit if your computer is 64bit Windows)

Install Homestead on Vagrant

Homestead is a package or box consists of:

By adding homestead in Vagrant (VirtualBox), we will have a complete Linux virtual server with all the above services and features.

To download a homestead box, open Git Bash and type

vagrant box add laravel/homestead

If this command fails, make sure your Vagrant installation is up to date and you install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) (especially if you are using Windows 10)

Once complete, type the command below.

cd ~

git clone https://github.com/laravel/homestead.git Homestead

Depending on your internet connection, the cloning step may takes a few minutes. Then, the command below to initialize homestead.


cd Homestead

bash init.sh

3. Configure

After everything is installed correctly, we need to configure a few stuff.

Install and Configure Homestead Virtual Server Setup

Close and re-open Git Bash (important)


cd .homestead

explorer .

Edit file homestead.yaml using your preferred text editor (like SublimeText or Brackets) like so.
Let say we want Homestead to work like this:

  1. Our source code project will be stored in C:/Projects
  2. Our first project will be named as myProject.dev
  3. This project will use a database which is named as myProject.dev as well
So, change this part like so

   - map: C:/Projects
     to: /home/vagrant/Projects

   - map: myProject.dev
     to: /home/vagrant/Projects/myProject.dev/public

   - myProject.dev

Save the file and close the text editor.

On the git bash, we need to generate our SSH Key. Type the code below (dont forget to change it to your actual email address.


ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "youremail@vendor.com"

Press enter 3 times to complete it.

Finally, create the project folder by typing the command below

cd C:
mkdir Projects

Or you can create a folder name Projects in C drive using Windows Explorer (your choice buddy)

Custom Domain Name.

We plan to access our project from our browser using myproject.dev URI.

We are not encouraged to access our project using the virtual server IP address because many projects reside on that server and use the same IP address. Vagrant has done a great job that enable us to use domain name for each project instead of using IP address.

So, we have to edit our hosts file in order to do so.
Using Windows Explorer, go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
Copy the hosts file to the desktop and edit its content like so

Code:    myproject.dev

Save it and copy it back to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc (You need administrator access to complete this job)

4. Use

Now we can fire up our virtual server and deploy our Laravel project.

Start Homestead

To start a homestead virtual server, using the git bash, type the code below


cd Homestead

vagrant up

Whenever Oracle VirtualBox requires permission, grant it.


  1. Make sure your BIOS turn on VT-x (Intel) or AMD-V
  2. If VT-x or AMD-V is turned on in BIOS but your VirtualBox can’t see it… chance are your Hyper-V is turn on. Disable it at Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features\Turn Windows features on and off.
  3. Sometime, it is easier to troubleshoot if you run VirtualBox and see whats happening behind the scene (the vagrant will create a virtual machine, name it homestead and fire it up). It could give you better idea what cause your homestead can’t be fire up.
  4. Sometime, when your computer is not fast enough, Vagrant time out. Please run again.
  5. Sometime, you may want to delete your homestead and create it again using ‘vagrant destroy’
Speed Up

If you use VirtualBox 5 (and above), you could speed up your virtual machine by setting it acceleration

Right click on homestead (in virtualbox window), click settings
Then click on System -> Acceleration tab –> Paravirtualization Interface : KVM

Entering the Virtual Server

Using Putty or MobaXTerm

Using MobaXTerm, create a SSH session to
  • username: vagrant
When it ask for password, type vagrant as password.

Using Git Bash

In Git bash, just type


cd Homestead

vagrant ssh

Deploy Laravel Project

Using GitBash (in Windows), type the command below

composer global require "laravel/installer"

Global Path for Composer Binaries

We need to add this path into Windows system path:


PS: AppData is hidden folder. Need to show hidden file first.

To do so, open

  1. Control Panel -> System and Security -> System -> Advanced system settings
  2. A system properties window will showed. On Advanced tab, click on Environment Variables… button
  3. Under System variables section, click on Path and click on Edit… button.
  4. Type a semi-colon (Wink followed by the above path.
  5. Click OK and done.

CLOSE ALL GIT BASH WINDOWS or COMMAND PROMPT WINDOWS in order to refresh system path.

cd c:

cd Projects

laravel new myProject.dev

Happy Laraveling.

Note: Feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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  How to Delete Windows.old Folder in Windows 10
Posted by: shubhamverma - 05-09-2017, 04:12 AM - Forum: Laptop And Computer Tricks - No Replies


If you performed a refresh of Windows 10, upgrade to Windows 10, or a custom install of Windows 10 on the same partition as the previous Windows installation without doing a clean install, then you will have a C:\Windows.old folder in your new installation afterwards. The Windows.old folder contains a copy of the previous Windows installation, and can be quite large in size.

If you already had a C:\Windows.old folder in the installation that you performed a refresh, upgrade install, or a custom install on, then it may be renamed to say C:\Windows.old.(1) (older previous installation) in addition to the latest C:\Windows.old folder. The most recent previous Windows installation will always be in the C:\Windows.old folder.

This tutorial will show you how to delete the Windows.old and $Windows.~BT folders that has been placed in the root directory of the Windows drive when you do a refresh or upgrade install of Windows 10.

EXAMPLE: Windows.old Folder

[Image: mu042ot.jpg]

Delete "Windows.old" Folder in Disk Cleanup

1. Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog, type cleanmgr, and click/tap on OK to open Disk Cleanup.

2. If you have more than one drive or partition on your PC, then select the Windows C: drive, and click/tap on OK. (see screenshot below)

[Image: 7ylWmxV.png]

3. Click/tap on the Clean up system files button. (see screenshot below)

[Image: HPbZoF4.png]

4. Check the Previous Windows installation(s) box, and click/tap on OK. (see screenshot below)

[Image: JRqRzKC.png]

5. Click/tap on Delete Files to confirm. (see screenshot below)

6. When Disk Cleanup finishes, the C:\Windows.old folder will be deleted

Tages : delete windows.old windows 7, can't delete windows.old windows 10, how to delete windows.old in windows 8, can i delete windows.old windows 7, delete window.old folder window 10, delete windows.old after 8.1 upgrade, delete windows.old system permission, delete windows.old folder manually, remove window.old folder,

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  How to Make a QR Code Free In 1 Minute Quick Steps
Posted by: shubhamverma - 05-06-2017, 05:09 PM - Forum: Other Tricks - No Replies

[Image: qRnMOrt.png]

How Do QR Codes Work? The Basics ...

QR Codes, short for "quick response" codes, are little black and white squiggly barcodes that usually look something like this:[Image: TRjZz4F.jpg]
(I say "usually" because they can be different colors and shapes, but you get the picture.) You'll often find them on direct mail, signage, billboards, maybe even in commercials. 

Originally designed in Japan for the automotive industry, marketers adopted the barcodes because of their large storage capacity and ability to translate additional information to consumers beyond what creative and/or packaging could convey. If a consumer sees a QR code somewhere, they can take out their mobile device, open up a QR code scanner, and "scan" the barcode to gain access to additional information, like so:

[Image: MQdlR4O.jpg]
So if you wanted to promote, say, a podcast series on an advertisement at a bus stop, you could create a QR code that sends scanners to your iTunes page. Make sense? Cool.

How to Make a QR Code

Step 1: Select a QR code generator.

There are tons of QR code generators out there, but a few of the post popular include KaywaGOQR.me, Visualead, and QR Stuff. Some things to look for when choosing a QR code generator are whether you can track and analyze performance, if it allows you to design a code that's unique to your brand, and if it is compatible with common QR code readers.

Step 2: Design and link it up.

The fun part of creating QR codes is customizing the design of the codes to your brand. Want your code to look like your logo? Go for it. Want it to reflect your website's design scheme? Should be no problem.

To demonstrate how easy it is, let's select one of the QR code generators above and do a walkthrough together. I'll select QR Stuff.

1. Select what type of content you want your QR code to send the consumer to -- we'll choose a URL for this example.

[Image: Kydss6X.png]

2. Insert the content (in this case, a URL).

[Image: eRkDHr4.png]

3. Check out the preview, customize as desired, then download and/or embed where needed.

                          [Image: q1dgIIB.png]

Quite simple, right? Of course, you can customize your QR code further -- adjusting the colors, adding a logo, creating social options, and more.

Step 3: Test the QR code.

In all the excitement of creating your first QR code, don't forget to check to see if the QR code “reads” correctly, and be sure to try more than just one reader. A good place to start is the free tool Google Goggles, which takes a picture and then tells you what link or item it “reads to.” Another great free tool is QR Code Reader, which automatically takes you to whatever it “reads.” Apple's Passbook also offers a built-in QR code reader on iOS 7, so you should test to make sure your code is readable there, as well.

Step 4: Track and analyze performance.

Just like any marketing campaign, you should follow up on any collateral or campaigns using QR codes to see whether they're actually working. How much traffic comes from each specific code? Are people scanning your code but not redeeming their offer once they get to the landing page? Or are they not even compelled enough to scan your QR code? Knowing this will help you troubleshoot and adjust your poorly performing QR codes to more closely mirror those that work well. I recommend you include a UTM tracking code on your URL so you can better measure performance -- this is particularly important if you use closed-loop marketing analytics, and are used to more in-depth reporting on your campaigns.


[Image: 32TUwtQ.gif]

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  Download full version Software With Crack Free 2017
Posted by: shubhamverma - 05-02-2017, 04:18 PM - Forum: Laptop And Computer Tricks - Replies (2)

[Image: 75YBfTb.jpg]

How To download Any winodw software free

Note : This Content only for educational purposes only .Download free and full version Software हिंदी/HINDI ,use this link http://clkmein.com/qPrPzc can download any thing .you must try once.

1. First of all run chrome browser

2. Now click on this link

.3 After Open This site write click for mouse and click on translate to english

          [Image: il0DWkV.png]
.4 After translate this website click search option on top of the website.

     [Image: 3rF3QWx.png]

5. In the box search any software

6. After search scroll down find your software and look on the software icon

7. Then Simpley download software and enjoy full verson of software with crack

Video : Download Any software full verson with crack free (Hindi)

[Image: 32TUwtQ.gif]

Tags : Download free software, Full verson of software crack, simple download software crack 2017, new trick to download software crack, Window 10, window, 8,8.1, window 7, xp , all formate versons are available, paid software free, crack keygen activator are available window 10 crack

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  Dell Inspiron 3000 (3542) window 10 issue (not shutting down)
Posted by: artscentereast - 04-29-2017, 02:36 PM - Forum: Laptop And Computer Solution - Replies (3)

guys , i am using inspiron 3000 model 3542 .. i just upgraded to window 10 as i saw dell message say that it already been tested but i had problem with shutting down ..
*if i use 1 hour or less it can be shut down but
*after i use 3 or more hour , when i shut down the screen goes black but the cpu fan still running .
i was shock tomorrow morning i wait up, i saw my battery low and red light on the indicator...
*plz help i also just updated my bios to a08 ( i not sure wether is bios problem or window 10 problem or driver)

i even try full shut down but using cmd shorcut  shutdown /p , not help
currently testing turning off hybrid shut down will update the result soon .

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  How to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10
Posted by: shubhamverma - 04-29-2017, 02:40 AM - Forum: Laptop And Computer Tricks - No Replies

When you copy any content on your Windows 10 computer And Laptop, the copied content remains available on the Clipboard and can be seen by anyone with access to your computer (laptop) . Hence, let us take a look at how to Clear the Clipboard on a Windows 10 PC.

[Image: 13NFcN0.png]

Why I Clear Clipboard in Windows 10 Computer

Clipboard can be described as a special or dedicated storage location in RAM (Random Acces Memory) , used by the computers to store bits of data on a temporary basis.

When you copy text, image or any other kind of information on your computer using the (Ctrl+C) command, the information is stored on the Clipboard and remains accessible, even after you have executed the Paste command.

For this reason, the data stored on the Clipboard of your computer can turn out to be a security risk, in case you are using a public computer or your computer can be accessed by others. This is especially true, in case you have the habit of copying and pasting passwords and other sensitive data on your computer.

Hence, it makes all the sense to get into the habit of clearing the Clipboard, as soon as you are done using your Computer.

Create Shortcut to Clear Clipboard On Your PC

In case you have a frequent need to clear the Clipboard, you may want to create a dedicated shortcut on the desktop of your computer to help you clear the Clipboard on your Windows 10 computer.

1. Right-click anywhere (Empty space) on the Screen of your Windows 10 Computer. This will activate a Contextual menu on the desktop of your computer.

2. In the Contextual menu, click on New (1) and then click on Shortcut (2) in the side-menu that appears (See image below)

[Image: jP0W2Nb.png]

3. Next, type cmd /c echo.|clip as the location for the shortcut and click on Next (See image below)

[Image: wjlvi0X.png]

4. On the next screen, type any Name for the shortcut and click on Finish.

[Image: kBXi0XM.png]

5. You should be able to see the Clear Clipboard shortcut icon created on the Desktop of your Computer.

[Image: POjOTmv.png]

As you can see in the above image, the shortcut looks like a Command Prompt window. In case you feel like, you can change the look of this shortcut by following the steps below.

1. Right-click on the Clipboard shortcut Icon and then click on Properties in the contextual menu (See image below).
Clear Clipboard Properties Option

[Image: mpCI95D.png]

2. On the Clipboard Properties Screen, click on the Change Icon… button and then select an appropriate icon for this shortcut (See image below)

[Image: anw7Mq1.png]

How to Use Clear Clipboard Shortcut

Let us now take a look at how to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10 using the Clear Clipboard Shortcut that we created above.

1. Copy some Content and paste it into a Notepad or Word Document.

Now the content that you just copied is still available on the Clipboard and can be accessed by anyone with access to your computer.

2. Next, double-click on the Clear Clipboard shortcut. You will see a Black Screen popping up and disappearing on the screen of your computer.

3. Now, try to Paste (Ctrl+V) the clipboard content into a Notepad or MS Word Document.

You will see that nothing will be pasted on the document, confirming that “Clear Clipboard” shortcut is working on your Windows 10 computer.
In general, the idea is to make sure that you remember to clear the Clipboard on your Windows 10 computer. This will rule out the possibility of any confidential or sensitive data being available on the Clipboard of your computer And Laptop.

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Video How to Install one App Twice on Android Without Root
Posted by: shubhamverma - 04-28-2017, 05:48 PM - Forum: Mobile Tricks - No Replies

[Image: 0ZuZwmL.png]

How to Install One App Twice on Android

For Install Same app Twice on Android Phones, Checkout full step by step tutorial from below. We have mentioned each and every step with the screenshot, on how to use Parallel app for install one app twice on rooted or non-rooted Android devices. If you are looking for it, then checkout easy steps now from below link.

  • First of all download this app named Parallel Space  from the below link, this is the best and simple app to make this trick work – Download Parallel Space
  • It will Redirect you To Play Store, Where you have to download, and it will automatically install the app on your Device.
  • Now open the app, you will a “+” sign in startup screen of the app.

[Image: 2SR7Mi7.jpg]
  • After Click on the + sign, it will show you  Some apps, which you have Already Installed in your Device, Like Below Screenshot.

[Image: X8i4nBc.jpg]
  • Now add the app which you want to run in multiple accounts, and it will redirect you to the main screen of the app, you will see your desired app here, just click on it.

[Image: 8aekSar.jpg]
  • You’re Done! It will launch the Same app, with New Data, like you have installed an app just now. You can use one app direct from Parellel Space app, and a second version of the same app you can regularly use from your App Drawer. This is how you can run multiple accounts of a single app on your Android phone.

[Image: IgLVk9k.jpg]

[Image: niKhImO.jpg]

  • The app parallel space only works on Android phone with version 4.0 or above . If you device is not 4.0  or up then this app will not work .

Let’s move to the trick by which you can run multiple accounts of a single app on your Android device. If you want to know full information regarding installing one app two times, then you are at right place. Checkout Step by step guide now from below, for Install Same version of app twice on Android devices without rooting it.

How to Install Any Application Two Time In Android Mobile (Hindi)

[Image: 32TUwtQ.gif]

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  How to Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number
Posted by: shubhamverma - 04-27-2017, 05:17 PM - Forum: Mobile Tricks - No Replies

[Image: 4XgNgS1.jpg]

Features Of What’s App U.s Number Trick
  • Hide Your Number
  • Totally Free (No Hidden Cost)
  • Create A/c With International Number (+1) Series
  • Working With any Android Device without any issues.
How to Create Whatsapp Account Without Your Phone Number And U.S. Number (Latest Working Method)

This method is based on primo app. So if you would like to create your WhatsApp account with U.S number, then you can use this app. This app is officially available on Google play store. If you wish you can directly download that app from play store and use it for create whatsapp account. Alternately, you can also use below mentioned step by step tutorial for know more about how can you create U.S number WhatsApp account right now for free.

  • At First, Download and Install Primo App in your Phone from here – Download Primo
  • After that, Simply Open this app and Complete Sign Up Process and verify it with your real mobile number once via OTP Code.

[Image: neEuAqD.jpg]
  • After verification of your number, Click on Top Left corner of this app and you will see On new U.S Number there, Note it down.

[Image: dkYa2RN.png]
  • After Note your Mobile number, Then Simply Open Whatsapp from your Device in which you want to Use your U.S. Phone number. Also Check out – How to Run 2 Whatsapp accounts in Android.
  • Now You have to Enter Number in Whatsapp which you got from primo app, and click on Continue.

[Image: dTgn2VK.png]
  • Now Just wait for few seconds, and click on Call Me option and you will get a call in your Primo app.

[Image: Qsgzoyc.jpg]
  • Pickup the call and BOT will speak your verification code, note it down and then enter it in Whatsapp/
  • And you are done, now you have successfully signed up in your whatsapp with fake U.S. Number, and now enjoy it.
[Image: GCVdBpv.jpg]
Note – Please don’t use this number for illegal purposes like Blackmailing someone, If you do so then you might me in big risk, Use this number for Regular usage only ?
Example U.s Number -> +18632409877

How to Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number (Hindi)
[Image: 32TUwtQ.gif]

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  Windows 10: windows has detected an IP address conflict
Posted by: conventenergy - 04-27-2017, 04:49 PM - Forum: Laptop And Computer Solution - Replies (2)

Hi there i just got this error can someone help please ,another computer on this network has the same IP address as this computer.Contact your network administrator for help resolving this issue.

              [Image: zMHDr6r.png]

OK i have check ipconfig my ip address there is set to and yet my modem is my settings are set to locate an ip address automatically,there are 3 desk top pcs connected to this internet connection .What can i do please.

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  What is AAPT?
Posted by: conventenergy - 04-27-2017, 04:43 PM - Forum: Completed Question - Replies (4)

Please Define Me what is the meaning of AAPT in android oprating system

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